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Pyat (pronounced /ˈpaɪ.ət/ [PIE-at]) was a Voidrunner. He was a deeply religious and spiritual person, and believed that the discovery of the ancient artifact that paved the way for the invention of Voidtech and the Starseed was sent to them by the divine, and that the Starseed was a holy vessel, destined to save the people of their planet. This is why he decided to go with the Voidrunners on their mission into the black hole. However, some time after entering the Ultravoid, Pyat was killed and apparently became the Remnant of the Eternal Garden, Withered Eye.



Physical appearance[]



  • Pyat's name is a play on "piety", which is an English noun that means "the quality of being religious or reverent." It is a virtue and comes from the Latin word pietas, the noun form of the adjective pius which means "devout" or "dutiful". Pietas in traditional Latin usage expressed a complex, highly valued Roman virtue; a man with pietas respected his responsibilities to gods, country, parents and kin.