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Rei (pronounced /ɹeɪ/ [RAY]) is a biotic lifeform and the protagonist and player character of Solar Ash. She is a Voidrunner who went on a to attempt to quest to save her home world from the Ultravoid.

Rei is voiced by Fryda Wolff in Solar Ash.


Not much is known of Rei's story so far other than the fact that she will journey into a ravenous world-swallowing rift in space known as the Ultravoid in order to save her own home world. Inside the massive black hole, Rei will encounter incredible dangers and surreal spaces that feel like a dream none can escape from. It is familiar, though alien, beautiful, peaceful at times and supremely violent in others, and the gravity is wild. Rei will meet other endearing friends along the way, battle giant enemies and unravel a sort of mystery, all while bewaring "the remnants that loom and bristle with hunger".[1]


Rei is a daring person.[2][3]

Physical appearance[]

Rei is a slender female humanoid clad in dark clothing, with a glowing, transparent pink cloak/cape combo covering her upper body, a white mask, three blue eyes and long tangled black hair. She wears hard light bracelets, one of which seems to be able to transform into a sort of weapon.[4]


It appears Rei is able to harness a form of hard light to produce a long sword-like weapon.[4][5] Rei is extreme agile, able to quickly speed across the ashen clouds in the Ultravoid with abilities akin to skating and cover great distances in the rift's world.[6]

Rei is a skilled combatant, able to move quickly and do complex movements and hit fast without immense precision.[6]


The first glimpse at the game's protagonist was through the teaser trailer unveiled on March 13, 2019.[4] On March 25, 2019, at 23:07, Alex Preston revealed a promotional painting of the game's protagonist on Twitter, and in the tweet revealed that it is in fact a female character. Preston also stated in the tweet that he will be going in-depth about her in a dev blog in a week or so.[7]

In a PlayStation blog post, Alx Preston revealed that the character's name is Rei, that she is a "Voidrunner" and that she is on a mission to save her home world from the massive world-swallowing black hole known as the "Ultravoid." The blog also included a gameplay video, posted to Sony's own PlayStation YouTube channel and using footage of the game recorded on the PlayStation 5.[8][2] the gameplay video was posted as a video by Annapurna Interactive shortly after on their YouTube channel.[3]


  • Pyat's nickname for Rei, "Neophyte", means "a new convert to a religion" or "a person who is new to a subject or activity," implying that Pyat believes he has managed to convert her to his religious, spiritual beliefs about the Starseed being a holy vessel sent to them by the divine, to be used to cleanse their world's people. The word is borrowed from Latin neophytus, from Ancient Greek νεόφυτος (neóphutos, “newly planted”), from νέος (néos, “new”) + φυτόν (phutón, “plant, child”). Surface analysis is neo- +‎ -phyte, from neo "new, young", and phyte "plant."