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A Remnant as seen in Solar Ash's gameplay video from Sony's PlayStation State of Play on February 25, 2021.

Remnants were the largest creatures in the Ultravoid when Rei entered it, made out of black sinewy sludge with external protective bone. They are seemingly created by the Starseed, either with Rei's emotions or part of her becoming them every time she has activated it during the time-loop that her first activation of it started, or from her other Voidrunner teammates, possibly from both her and them.

It is possible that the black sludge littering the Ultravoid that aren't connected to the Remnants' anomalies are the remains of past Remnants created by Rei during past time-loops, then left over from her encounters and defeats of them in every subsequent time-loop.

They are enemies that the player will eventually have to battle in order to progress in Rei's quest to try and save her homeworld from the Ultravoid and hold the key to her quest.[1] The Remnants are described as being "starved" creatures of the Ultravoid which might imply that they have not fed for a long time and are hungry for food.[2]


Remnants exist in many shapes.[2] They are massive remnants hewn from white bone and black and reddish-pink viscose, tendriled, sinewy sludge[1] termed Dregs. Their bodies are mostly made out of the sludge, with the white bone being like armor plating on their bodies. It appears the bone-less part of their body is the most vulnerable.[2]