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Tufte (pronounced /tʌfti/ [TUFF-tee]) was a Voidrunner from her planet in an area called Berros and the creator of the sentient artificial intelligence C.Y.D.. She went with Rei and the rest of the Voidrunners into the Ultravoid in an attempt to save their planet from the planet-consuming black hole, however when she realized that they would be unable to do so, she locked C.Y.D. out of the Starseed in an attempt to keep the other members of the team from using it to collapse the void, believing that it would be even more dangerous than not using the technology.

Before arriving in the Ultravoid Tufte lived a life on Berros with her wife Layra and their one daughter.

Tufte's resting place as well as her five Voidrunner caches and voice logs can be found in the Luminous Peak, where she had traveled to to study the habitat of the Umbra and other fungus native to the Ultravoid. Her final resting place is on top of a flat floor of a square stone building with high walls surrounding it.



Physical appearance[]

Tufte was a humanoid being with five fingered hands, and two rather large eyes. None of her body is actually seen due to wearing a suit that almost completely covers her, safe for her eyes which can be seen through the glass of her suit's diver-like globe helmet. But it is clear her hands have five digits each, as evidenced by her glove having five digits each.

Tufte wore a large hazard suit for her Voidtech suit, which made her the only Voidrunner capable of surviving the extreme heat of the igneous Luminous Peak, until Rei collected the pieces to her suit. Tufte's hazard suit included a giant globe-shaped helmet. Through it her eyes, glowing white, could be seen when she wore it. Her hazard suit had a small pictogram of a squid-like creature engraved on the suit's chest. She wore long gloves and long boots that both looked to be made out of leather. On her back she carried a huge travel backpack complete with a rolled up blanket, sheet or mat at the top.

Tufte's hazard suit was colored in dark and reddish browns. Her globe helmet was transparent like glass and light blue in hue. Her eyes were completely white without visible pupils, like Rei's eyes, and seemed to be glowing through the transparent material. Since the Starseed had been activated, Tufte had been trapped in some sort of temporal distortion that kept her reliving the last few moments of her life repeatedly i static poses, cycling through them all, and in this form her body was light blue and wispy like a ghost, looking like she wasn’t quite a part of the reality around her.