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The Voidrunners' planet was the planet that Rei and the other Voidrunners heralded from, and which they ventured into the Ultravoid to save from being consumed by the black hole. The planet is has been reduced to ashen clouds that now form the basis of most of the ground within the Ultravoid.

The planet looked dark green, light blue and torqois while still intact and viewed from the inside of the Ultravoid.

Since the planet was freed from the time loop created by the Starseed by Rei, it is no more, having been ripped apart, blown up and consumed by the Ultravoid. In reality, this already happened once, and the debris of the planet is what makes up the gray-green-ish blue ashen clouds of the void, however activating the Starseed caused the consumption and destruction of the planet to repeat in an endless loop until it was broken by Rei. The clouds however remained in the black hole while this time loop persisted.


While exploring deep beneath the planet's crust, the Voidrunners discovered an ancient artifact of technology, which they adapted to their needs and created of the Starseed and other Voidtech. The Starseed technology was surrounded by magma beds. No one knew who or what made the ancient technology or put it there, but the Voidrunner Pyat believed the Starseed to be a holy vessel sent to them, destined to save their people. It was however theorized that it could collapse black holes, as well as reverse time.

Once that it was discovered that a super-massive black hole termed the Ultravoid was approaching the planet rapidly, a planet-wide debate began as to what should be done about it. There were many proposed solutions, but while the nations and governments of the world debated the best course of action, the planet slipped further and further into the gravitational pull of the Ultravoid. In the end, a solution could not be agreed upon and the debate led to more division as well as war. It was when that the Voidrunners decided to take matters into their own hands.

The world did attempt to evacuate as many people as it could, but most of its citizens did not own spacecraft capable of leaving the planet's orbit. In addition, many of the world's larger ships were already off-planet, exploring unknown parts of the galaxy. However, a substantial percentage of the world's population remained on the planet.



People grew gardens on the Voidrunners' planet, according to Rei's comments to Ahrric.



Velkin is unit used to measure temperature and corresponds to the real world Kelvin, having the exact same values.


Not many things are known about the Voidrunners' planet, however there are a few locations mentioned in the Voidrunners' voice logs. We also know that there were several nations on their planet.

  • Berros – Seemingly the place on the planet where Tufte lived with her wife Layra and their daughter. It had coasts and damp grass.
  • Magma beds beneath planet's crust – The place of discovery of the ancient technological artifact that paved the way for the creation of the Starseed. Located deep beneath the planet's crust, the Voidrunners came upon the spot while exploring deep underground.