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Template:Remnant Wretched Rei is a Remnant in the bloody plane region of the Ultravoid that was created from Rei once she deactivated the Starseed. She is the final boss of Solar Ash and is fought against by Echo, being the only part of the game where the player takes control of her.

She was defeated by Echo when she pulled out the parts of the exploded Starseed that had embedded itself through the Remnant's body, and by doing so pulled Rei out of her Remnant stage and merged back with her once again to form Rei's original form.

The bloody plane also seemed to form from the deactivation and destruction of the Starseed, though it disappeared and was replaced by the nornal Ultravoid upon Wretched Rei's defeat. Defeating her also made the Ultravoid stable.


Physical appearance[]

Wretched Rei is very large, with long legs and long arms. She never stands up straight and is always seen hunching over. Her body is an inky indigo with (like several of the other bosses) is covered in white bony plates on various parts of her body. A white plate covers her entire face except for her right eye which is a bright pink. She has long, tentacle-like indigo hair that waves back and forth behind her. Where her left arm should be, is a three stringy, tentacle-things that she uses to shoot at Echo. In the center of her chest, is a long rod looking object that can be seen on her backside. Her feet go along with the bony plates and are only small tips, whereas her hands look thin and long.